About Us

Since the launch of our first store in the UAE in 1974, Choithrams has worked towards bringing freshness, goodness, and convenience to our customer's everyday lives

Our commitment to quality, our keen support of charitable causes and our dedicated approach towards sustainability have been some of the building blocks to our continued success.

Our GCC Operations

Our conveniently located stores and our unrivaled distribution network have made Choithrams a household name,trusted by millions as a brand of choice.

About Choithrams

Our Leadership

Thakurdas Choithram Pagarani
Founder, Choithrams

A visionary, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, the story of Thakurdas Choithram Pagarani dates back to 1943, when he opened his first grocery store in Sierra Leone.

Decades later his legacy continues, transforming from a one outlet, one country venture to a global footprint spanning retail, distribution and manufacturing.

Mr. T C Pagarani's culture of giving saw its roots in early 1959 when he founded the first of our many charitable trusts operating schools, clinics, and hospitals, continuing to inspire the company's 'Full of Goodness' philosophy to this day.

Leadership Team


Customer Centric


We put the customer at the heart of everything we do



We lead by example in all that we do within our industry



We are honest, ethical and treat everyone with trust, dignity, and respect



We reward results and recognize efforts



We eliminate barriers, share ideas, and identify the best course for the organization

Quality & Food Safety Assurance

Quality & Food Safety Assurance

A brand you can trust, Choithrams is dedicated to excellence in quality and food safety. Our focus on compliance and strict adherence to HACCP guidelines ensures that we protect the health and well being of our consumers.

Recent Awards

Rajiv Warrier
Rajiv Warrier Chief Executive Officer

A strategic, results-oriented leader, Rajiv has over 30 years of business leadership experience primarily focused on the corporate finance and business management domain. As CEO of the GCC region, Rajiv overlooks all aspects of retail, distribution, and production at Choithrams ensuring the brand provides a consistent, best in class experience to its customers everywhere. Steering the business through authentic and purposeful leadership, Rajiv’s vision to drive change in the organisation is evident from the company’s newfound transparent, communicative, proactive and conscious culture.

Devi Dass Aswani
Devi Dass Aswani General Manager
One of the founding members of the company’s Qatar operations, Devi Dass, General Manager of the Qatar operations, has led the growth of the Mega Mart and Shoprite supermarkets business since the first store launch in 1996. Known for his strong business acumen Devi Dass has also led the company’s successful venture into distributorship of consumer goods and pharmaceuticals. A dynamic leader, he also embodies the brand’s founding values through spearheading social causes like the Mega Mart partnership with EAA (Education Above All).
Mahesh Tulsani
Mahesh Tulsani General Manager

Having joined the group in 1984, Mahesh has grown through the ranks to lead the country’s operations as General Manager, Oman. Mahesh has played a vital role in developing Leone, the company’s popular in-house tea brand and been instrumental in setting-up the state of art logistics centre in Oman. His commitment and dedication towards business development has helped garner several successful partnerships including the recent acquisition of the brand distribution for Coca Cola in Oman.

Anil Nawani
Anil Nawani General Manager

As General Manager of Bahrain operations, Anil manages the growth of sales and extends his responsibilities to procurement and leasing for the retail and commerce divisions for the company’s Babasons brand. His three decades experience in the retail industry allows him to successfully guide his team towards their combined goal of increasing sales and ensuring a smooth and seamless customer experience across all stores in the country.

Ashutosh Chakradeo
Ashutosh Chakradeo Chief Retail Officer
A Masters In International Trade and close to 30 years working in procurement, operations and general management roles, Ashutosh is known for his willingness to roll-up his sleeves, when necessary, and lead from the front. He has been instrumental in restructuring the brand’s retail business and initiating the ‘One Choithrams’ approach across the GCC region. Commercially astute, with a strong and intimate focus on the customer, Ashutosh has helped establish Choithrams into a profitable and leading omni-channel retailer.
Glyton Gonsalvez
Glyton Gonsalvez General Manager
Armed with an ambitious leadership style and passion for business transformation, General Manager of Commerce, Glyton Gonsalvez, has been instrumental in acquiring new brands and businesses as well as restructuring the Commerce business unit since joining the company in 2019. Over 20 years of industry experience in the GCC, Glyton is a true believer in placing people at the heart of the organisation and actively works on improving the culture of collaboration, teamwork and transparency within the group.
Kirti Meghnani
Kirti Meghnani Head Retail Procurement & CFI
Head of Retail Procurement & CFI, Kirti Meghnani joined Choithrams in 1984 and has been part of the company’s growth ever since. A Physics and Computer Science graduate, Kirti moved from the IT department to work in supply chain, using his background to re-engineer several processes. He then took responsibility of inventory and quickly rose through the ranks in retail operations. A highly self-motivated and respected core team member, Kirti current role includes the management of the company’s Goodness Foods production unit.
Arunachalam AP
Arunachalam AP Chief Technology Officer
As Chief Technology Officer at Choithrams, Arunachalam is responsible for ERP standardization, streamlining IT processes and driving digital transformation at a time when the role of IT is integral to achieving the company’s strategic priorities. Arunachalam leads the company’s technological vision with continued transformation in the areas of digital/e-commerce, store operations and supply chain in a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment where technology is a differentiator.
Kunal Wadhwani
Kunal Wadhwani Chief Human Resource Officer
With over two decades of expertise in HR management for large & medium enterprises, Kunal, Chief Human Resource Officer at Choithrams has successfully led retention, engagement & performance within the organisation since 2010. A strategic thinker and thought leader, Kunal’s vision is to attain organizational excellence by developing and inspiring the true potential of the company’s human capital by providing opportunities for growth, wellbeing & enrichment.
Kapila Karunathilaka
Kapila Karunathilaka Head of Supply Chain
An MBA in supply chain and business management and over 30 years of working with MNCs across various sectors including food retail, household, personnel care, automotive and food service, Kapila brings vast knowledge and experience to Choithrams as the Head of Supply Chain. Kapila has spearheaded the initiatives of cost and process optimization through people engagement and development as well as actively led the food safety compliance initiative through cold chain monitoring.
Smitha Vijay
Smitha Vijay QHSE Operations Manager

Head of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) at Choithrams, Smitha’s commitment towards her role is evident from her rich experience and vast educational background. Smitha led the first Choithrams supermarket to be certified in HACCP in 2009 and established a stringent and graded internal food safety audit program since 2010 to spearhead the food safety culture in the organization. An ardent believer of UN Sustainable Development Goals works at making key contributions towards the brand’s GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives) membership.

Satyajeet Bhatt
Satyajeet Bhatt Leasing and Corporate Affairs Manager
Heading the Leasing & Corporate Affairs department at Choithrams, Satyajeet, an experienced player in the commercial real estate domain, has consistently demonstrated his expertise through retail leasing advisory and new retail stores development. Having worked in property markets across the UAE, UK and India, Satyajeet has built a persuasive and inclusive persona that enables him to commandeer his team towards meeting deadlines while maintaining high standards of client servicing.
Ramesh P. Thanwani
Ramesh P. Thanwani
Ramesh P. Thanwani
Lekhraj Thakurdas Pagarani
Ramesh P. Thanwani
Kishore Thakurdas Pagarani