Bakery Helper

Assist the baker in serving customers at the counters where baked goods are sold. Responsible for greeting customers, taking orders, packaging baked goods, and providing advice. Ensure creating a positive customer experience at the bakery counter; advising customers on baked goods and taking orders, baking bread, muffins, and cakes, managing the baking ingredients inventory, tracking ingredient expiry dates, cleaning the kitchen and preparing it for the next day, and managing customer complaints.

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Bakery Helper

Job Description

  • Performing any combination of the following duties in Bakery production & display
  • Maintenance & Hygiene of Bakery utensils, equipment, and work area.
  • Timely production of quality products as per the production cycle and plan
  • Ability to operate the Bakery equipment
  • Customer interaction and satisfaction
  • Ensuring continuous availability of range & escalating any production-related issues to the Baker
  • Ensure minimum wastage of raw materials during production
  • Effectively understand, describe, and execute recipes
  • Adhering to the FIFO method & freshness of products

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