Job Location: UAE

Posted date: 01 Nov 2023

Educational Qualification: Highschool

Experience required: 2 Years driving in the UAE.

Preferences: English Communication

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Job Description


  • Obtain trip-sheets from storekeeper & deliver merchandise to customer by prioritizing route schedule.
  • Ensure on time delivery by properly planning routes and time required at delivery location.
  • Should be highly concerned about cost effective routes by avoiding tolls if possible, at the same time, without missing delivery schedules.
  • Immediately report issues related to receiving or delivery of goods to the delivery coordinator or the concerned In-Charge.
  • Perform regular checkups for vehicle performance and maintenance requirements.
  • Supporting helpers for receiving to complete the scheduled delivery within stipulated time.
  • Supervise performance and task allotted to the helper coordinating with the delivery activities.
  • Maintain highest level of accuracy and work ethics while handling stocks, documents or cash.
  • Collect payment from customer for cash deliveries and deposit it with the authorized person promptly.
  • Maintain a good driving track record, follow traffic rules and guidelines required at the customer premises.

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