Office Attendant

Job Location: UAE

Posted date: 01 Nov 2023

Educational Qualification: Higher secondary

Experience required: 1-3  

Preferences: GCC experienced.

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Office Attendant

Job Description


  • Serving Water/Tea/Coffee during Meeting & Regular Employee (twice a day).
  • Maintenance of Office Keys.
  • Ensure Air Conditioners, Lights, Water Dispensers, heaters are turned on at the right time and turned off during closing hours.
  • Assisting with Maintenance works and ensure such works are completed within time and inform Facilities in charge.
  • Stock Taking and Ordering Office Consumables.
  • Ensure cleaning services completes cleaning of the office daily.
  • Ensure Restrooms are equipped with Tissues and inform Cleaning Vendor to clean on a periodic daily basis.
  • Dealing with queries or requests from the visitors and employees in the absence of the Office Receptionist / During Break hours.
  • Collecting and distributing couriers or parcels among employees.
  • Answering and forwarding phone call, and taking messages.
  • Assisting Passport Release in the absence of the PRO & HR Team in Employee filing.
  • Co-operating with office staff to maintain proper interaction and a friendly environment within the office.
  • Make sure the office premise is clean and monitor on the pest control.

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