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Launched in 2014, Goodness Foods is one of Choithrams leading production brands offering a full range of quality food products.

The brand believes in promoting well being and good health, by offering nature’s best produce in the purest way it was meant to be consumed. Products are sourced from all over the world and brought to the central processing hub based in the UAE.

Goodness Foods offers more than 500 superior quality products, including a premium nuts range (roasted, fried & flavored), rice range (Indian basmati, Pakistani Basmati, Egyptian, Glutinous & Jasmine), blended masalas, raw nuts & seeds, flour, pulses, powder spices, whole spices and more.

Partner to the World Food Programme’s School Feeding Programme initiative since 2015, Goodness Foods has successfully donated over 1 million school meals to underprivileged children in the region year after year.

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