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Heart light Canola Oil is a product of Canada, the Canola Seeds are procured from the finest produce of Canada and is shipped with a distance covering around 11,224 Km.

Heart light Canola Oil is 0% Cholesterol, lowest in saturated Fats, 100% healthy, tasty, light and very nutritious. With its beneficial fat profile, neutral taste, light texture, and high heat tolerance, Heart light Canola could be used in daily cooking with any culinary application - from Salad dressing, Sauces and Marinates to Baking, Sauteing and Deep Frying. Moreover, Heart light is the healthiest, most versatile, and cost-effective cooking available.

We are the exclusive distributor of this products since inception of NBK trading way back in1993. Canola oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils available, with zero trans-fat and the lowest amount of saturated fat of all Richardson International is a global leader in agriculture and food processing. Common cooking oils. Heartlight canola oil is perfect for cooking, frying, baking and simply delicious on salads.as a distributor we have 100 % xovweerGE IN QATAR we have successfully distributed the Heart light brands across all the hypermarkets

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