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Natco is the favoured brand for spices and herbs, nuts, poppadoms, lentils, gram flour, grains, chutneys, seeds and more…

With over 1000 authentic items, Natco offers the widest range of Indian foods and spices for the Indian cookery enthusiast from the UK's leading Indian food brand. Rich in complex yet subtle flavours, Indian food and cooking is defined by the adventurous use of herbs and spices in almost every dish.

For centuries traders brought these rare and exotic spices to the spice bazaars of the world. Now Natco brings these same exotic Indian spices and cooking ingredients direct to you via Choithrams. The vast majority of Natco range consists of natural ingredients with no artificial additives.

Natco Foods is an earth-loving company that brings you a wonderful celebration in foods, ranging from lentils, spices, grains, nuts, chutneys and much more!

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